Robert Caldwell, an Environment Canada water resources engineer, knows his phone might ring any minute with a request from the Montreal Port Authority to allow a bit more outflow from Lake Ontario so a ship can safely float to its berth in the Port of Montreal.
The 2012 summer’s heat and drought has caused water levels to recede to lows not seen in decades on Lake Ontario and near and at the Port of Montreal. There’s no reason for commercial navigators to panic, he says. Not yet, anyway.

The Harper government is committed to reinvigorating the shipbuilding industry in Canada. As a G8 country, Canada should have the capacity to build the ships needed by the federal fleets. Or should it?

Opinion is about as varied as possible on this subject. A UPI report on March 13 announced “Canada upbeat about shipbuilding boom.”

Others are not so optimistic. Jeffrey Simpson (“How broken is military procurement?The Globe and Mail,

The ship this photo was taken on was built in the late 60's and it is evident she is belching out a considerable amout of particulate matter. This is an older cruise vessel carrying about 650 passengers and sailing in the Mediterrain. By comparision today's modern cargo and passenger ships have vastly improved performance.

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