Aldert van Nieuwkoop


Aldert van Nieuwkoop was born in the Netherlands. After finishing Nautical College an attaining a double degree in Navigation and Marine Engineering, Aldert studied Shipping Economics at the London School of Economics. Aldert worked in the Shipping and Oil & Gas industries for 20 years of which 15 years in London as well as the Netherlands and Scotland. Aldert gained extensive international and managerial experience in executive management and ā€˜Cā€™ suite positions. Aldert successfully lead and coordinated acquisitions, start-ups, and turnarounds and raised multiple million-dollar financing and equity participation for a variety of companies he was involved with. Aldert came to Canada in 2001 and obtained an MBA at Queens University. Amongst other companies Aldert currently owns or participates in, he is co-founder of Digital Periodicals, which successfully launched its first trade publication Marine Matters in 2012.

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