Ken Hansen

Contributing Writer.

Ken Hansen is a Resident Research Fellow with the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies at Dalhousie University and a member of the Science Advisory Committee for the Halifax Marine Research Institute. He is also the team leader for CFPS Maritime Security Policy Program research into Piracy, Illegal Migration and Crime at Sea. Ken retired from the navy in 2009 after a 32-year career, which included 10 years at the Canadian Forces College as the Chair of the Maritime Studies Program. His current research interests include maritime security theory, naval operational doctrine with emphasis on planning processes and logistical requirements, as well as joint and interagency doctrine. Ken has published numerous articles inprofessional journals and for collected works. His most recent books are Marines: Is an amphibious capability relevant for Canada? and Breaking the Box: The increasing demands of non-combat roles on maritime forces, both published by the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. He is a frequent commentator on both radio and television.

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